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5 Things You Can Do for a New Mom

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

As a new mom of two, I'm just starting to get back into a routine after the first month of trying to figure everything out with a newborn and 18 month old. Now going through this twice, I've been so touched by the kindness of family and friends who have helped. If you know of someone who's about to have a baby, here are five things you can do for them to make those first few weeks a little easier:

1. Send or bring food

Yes, gifts are so thoughtful and kind, but there's something about receiving a meal from someone when you are starving and don't have time to cook that is so very special. I'll never forget when Ryder was first born, my cousin came over to help out for a few hours and made me the most delicious lunch. She made me sit and enjoy while she held Ryder. It's something so small yet meant so much to me. If you are not able to drop off a meal, there are so many ways you can get food for someone. Research pizza or sandwich places in their area, have the person pick out what they'd like and then have it delivered. You have no idea how much it will mean to them!

2. Offer Help

If you are going to visit a new mom, I recommend asking how you can also help. Decide how you can be of assistance and word it in a way the new parents won't feel bad accepting. A family friend recently reached out to me a few weeks ago and said they would love to come hold Teddy for a couple hours so I can have a break. I was able to grocery shop for the first time since Teddy was born and it was so nice to get out of the house.

3. Keep Your Visits Short and Sweet

If you are planning on a visiting a new mom, keep your visits short and sweet. New parents are simply exhausted and need all the time they can get to rest.

4. Drop Off a Coffee

After both boys were born, I woke up in the morning (after a night of no sleep) desperately craving an iced coffee. It's so hard to get out of the house those first few days so a coffee delivery for a new mom will be so appreciated.

5. Send an Encouraging Text

The first few weeks into motherhood are a blur and new parents are in survival mode. Send an encouraging text letting them know they got this and you are thinking of them. Even if it is someone you do not know well, you can always reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram. It means the world!

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