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5 Ways to De-Stress

It's a very scary time for all of us and I, like many out there, am feeling anxiety with all the unknown. Some days I wake up feeling positive and try to go about my day as normal as possible. Other days, I find myself constantly worrying which leads me to scrolling through news articles in a panic. Since I know I'm not the only one having these uncertain feelings, I put together a list of five ways to work through the stress.

1. Fresh Air

For me, fresh air has been the best medicine and I'm always amazed at how much better I feel after a walk outside. If you are in a more congested area and can't find a safe place to walk, step outside and sit on your front steps or in your backyard for a few minutes. I also suggest opening your windows as much as you can to air out your house.

2. Exercise

For those who are missing their regular workout routines at the gym, here are a list of online workouts you can do right from your house. I know there are so many virtual workouts out there so if you have more, send them to me and I will add them in here!

For yoga lovers: Check out my friend @livewellwithjanelle on Instagram. She is a wellness, pregnancy, and holistic health coach and yoga teacher right here in Rhode Island. In one of her recent posts (on 3/17!), she gives a list of online streaming fitness classes to keep your body moving and your mind calm. She also does weekly live yoga classes on Instagram so be sure to follow her and join her classes!

For boot camp lovers: Check out This is my friend's gym in Boston and she has been joining in for live stream classes such as Tabata Burn and Pilates Fusion. Check out the classes offered each day and try one out!

Another bootcamp opportunity: South County Adventure Boot Camp is offering a free boot camp trial class for women this Saturday, April 4th at 10am.

Lastly, my cousin-in-law, Allison, is a personal trainer and has been doing virtual workouts on her Facebook page for you to follow along with!

3. Limit your news/Facebook intake

This is easier said than done because I will admit to reading scary articles at 2am last night, oops. While it's important to be informed, an overload of news will just have your head spinning. Try to limit the amount of news you read and try sticking to one reliable news source.

4. Call a friend

We are all in the habit of texting our friends and family but when I actually pick up the phone and hear a familiar voice on the other end, it immediately lifts my spirits.

5. Download a meditation playlist

Download Pandora or Spotify or go to Youtube and listen to a few minutes of meditation music for those times you're feeling anxious.

One last note for my mom friends...Find a local support group

I joined my local South County moms group on Facebook since our in-person moms group has been cancelled (I so looked forward to this every week!). Chances are there is one in your area so be sure to look it up and join!

We're all doing the best we can. Remember to take a deep breath, relax, and know it will all be okay!

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