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The Cutest Personalized Baby Gifts

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I am a big fan of personalized gifts and after receiving so many for Ryder and Teddy, as well as researching gifts for friends, I decided to put a list together of my favorites. They're all affordable, reasonable in price, and practical. Check it out!

Monogrammed Newborn Hat

My mom got Teddy the cutest monogrammed newborn hat from Amazon and it's now one of our go-to gifts for any new moms. I was able to bring it to the hospital and it was the first hat he wore for his pictures. There's nothing cuter than a baby wearing a newborn hat with his/her name on it!

Pottery Barn Kids Monogrammed Baby Blanket

When Ryder was first born, a friend bought this Pottery Barn Kids blanket with his name and birth date on it (thanks Laura!) It's not only the most adorable blanket but it's also soft and really warm. We love using it for walks and it looks so cute in pictures. This is a great gift for any new baby and it's usually on sale which is a plus.

Lands End Monogrammed Tote

I received this Lands End Monogrammed Tote for my wedding shower (thanks Mary!) and it's been the most useful bag EVER! We use it for every trip we go on for all of the kids' clothes and supplies. I love this bag for so many reasons - the fact it has our last name embroidered, it fits so much, and it's durable. If you are looking for a personalized yet practical gift, this is it. As far as sizing, I would recommend extra large with long handles and zip-top.

Carousel Designs Crib Sheet

My mom discovered Carousel Designs and we have been obsessed with the company ever since! They make the cutest kids bedding, specifically the cutest monogrammed crib sheets. There are so many designs and they offer hundreds of colors and patterns to match any nursery. The site also offers a discount a lot of the time and has the best customer service! I think this makes the cutest shower gift as you can never have enough sheets and it adds a great design element to any nursery.

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