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Top Products for Traveling with Little Ones

Hi everyone! It's been awhile. Between summer and working from home, I haven't had time to focus on my blog but hoping to get back into it this fall. I am working from home so I am on my computer all day and at the end of the day I just want to relax! Summer was awesome and we tried to spend as much time outside as possible, most nights the boys went to bed way too late but of course it was worth it. We recently traveled to Saratoga Springs, NY (Matt's hometown!) for Matt's brother's wedding. It was so amazing! We are so excited to welcome Sam into our family (although it's felt like she's been a part of the fam for so long). On our way home I was thinking of all the stuff that was loaded in the car (literally packed to the brim) and how I could offer guidance to others traveling with families for upcoming road trips. There are certain things that worked out and others that did not. Read on for my tips and tricks!

Family photo!

Tips for traveling with kids:

-Less is more. If you are going somewhere that has a washing machine or a big brand store close by, just pack what you think you need and don't overthink it!

-Try to pack and organize yourself a few days ahead of time so you are not stressed the day you are leaving.

-Pack a tote bag full of stuff that you might need while on the way to your destination and keep it right next to you- snacks, more snacks, drinks, bottles, bibs, wipes, you name it.

-Find yourself an expert car packer (Matt is very good at this, it's like a jig saw puzzle haha!)

-Don't stress and just have fun!

My top products I recommend for traveling:

In the Car

Graco Extend 2Fit Convertible Car Seat - We just upgraded Ryder and he loves it! This is rated #1 convertible carseat on Amazon and we highly recommend it.

Amazon Fire for Kids - Ryder received this as a Christmas gift last year from my brother John and he loves it! It took him a little while but right around 20 months he started getting into it. This made our 3.5 hour ride home way more enjoyable as Ryder could watch all the shows we had downloaded for him.

Kindle Fire Mount - Makes it so much easier for the kids to watch shows as you drive!

Travel Stroller

If you are going somewhere where you'll need a stroller, I highly suggest Baby Delight's Go With Me Dart Ultra-Compact Stroller. It folds up to nothing and is SO lightweight. I promise you this stroller will hardly take up any room making it perfect for trips. If you need a double stroller, I recommend the Joovy Double Kooper X2. This stroller is very compact and I love how you can open/fold it with one hand, it has trays for each child, and plenty of storage room underneath.


Can't say enough good things about Baby Delight's Travel Crib. Ryder uses this every time he sleeps at my parents and he always gets the best nights sleep.I love the zipper feature so he can crawl in and out without having to lift him in and out of it each time.

Hatch Sound Machine - We rely on this just as much as the kids do now!

Baby Delight Go With Me Bassinet - If your baby sleeps in a bassinet, I love this travel bassinet by Baby Delight! Teddy actually slept in this until he was 5 months old.


Mickey Mouse Travel Bag - So cute for toddlers who love Mickey! It's a great size for a weekend trip.

Lands End Monogrammed Bag - I usually pack the boys clothes in here. I take this on every trip! It also makes a really nice gift for someone.

Packing Organizers - I wish we had these on our trip to separate ALL the stuff we needed (clothes, bibs, burp cloths, socks, the list goes on and on) and they received awesome reviews on Amazon!

Everything else!

Baby Delight Go With Me Portable Chair - Perfect on the go high chair and you can use it with babies 3 months until they are well beyond the toddler years.

Baby Delight Play yard - If you need a safe place for your baby or toddler to play, this is a great option.

Fisher Price Baby Dome - This was a lifesaver for us all summer and on this last trip. Baby can safely play in this dome and there's a cover to block out sun or bugs! Folds up nice and small so it's easy to travel with.

Ergobaby Embrace Carrier - I love this baby carrier because it's super lightweight and easy to pack.

All the links below are clickable as well!

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